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Why Use The Electrical Group for Your Data Center Project Management ?

The Electrical Group’s Data Center Project Management Team will save your business in-house resources and ensure your projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

With multiple vendors, subcontractors, and typically more than 50 different disciplines involved in any data center project—structural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fuel pumps, networking, and more—it would be remarkable if there were no errors or unintended risks introduced during the construction process. By providing the latest data center project management technics The Electrical Group will ensure your project gets delivered on time, within budget.

When constructing a data center whether it is design and build or an upgrade project, flaws in project management and coordination are a common.  They are the main cause of delays, expense, and frustration. The ideal is for project management activities to be structured and standardised like interlocking building blocks, so all parties can communicate with a common language, avoid responsibility gaps and duplication of effort, and achieve an efficient process with a predictable outcome.

We approach each project individually, serving as the owner’s representative to add early insight during strategic planning, and then coordinating design and construction activities. Our standard data centre project management offering is detailed below, other services are available too as we recognise that every project is unique.

By utilising the Electrical Group’s Data Center Project Management Services, facilities managers and operators are protected from a plethora of problems. Data center project managers provide a structured and standardised approach to build-outs. Tapping into valuable insights gained from past experience and ongoing projects, the Electrical Group’s project managers are able to lower the risks associated with most projects and facilitate predictable outcomes. Using a project manager’s expertise will lower project costs, expedite project timelines and ensure quality control.

Whatever your next project, the Electrical Group’s Data Center Project Management Services have you covered every step of the way. With the knowledge and experience to know what questions to ask to address our clients’ individual needs, our telecommunications professionals consult with you to build out scalable data center solutions the first time, every time.

Our Data Center Project Management Services Include

Program Management

Construction management & Site Supervision

Procurement & Contract Administration

Cost Management

Construction Administration

Project Closeout

Value Engineering

Project Management

Development Planning

Utility Services Planning & Coordination

Project Governance & Control

Risk Management & Quality Assurance

LEED & Energy Efficiency

Contract Solutions

An Introduction InTo How We Deliver
Data Center Project Management

When upgrading or even building a data center physical infrastructure, a structured and standardised process provides the essential foundation for efficient project execution and a successfully deployed system.

Even if a project is being led by an experienced consulting firm, there will be other parties to the project, the end user, various hardware or service providers, a general contractor, who have a role in the management of project activity. The responsibilities and interrelationships among these various contributors must be coordinated and documented in order to avoid dropped handoffs and ambiguous responsibility. Such problems are not necessarily due to flaws in the activity of the parties involved, but rather to the lack of an overarching, shared process guiding all parties as a management team, clarifying accountability and communication.

As data center construction projects or existing installation upgrade projects move away from art and more toward science, project management must be re-examined using the same principles as the rest of the process. Just as the steps of the project work should be structured and standardised to simplify and streamline the process, it is equally important that project management activities be structured and standardised.

The benefits of a well-documented, standardised, and mutually understood project management model are similar to the benefits obtained from the rest of any standardised process model.

Common Language

When all parties to project management are operating from the same model, using the same terminology to refer to same things, many problems caused by miscommunication and different viewpoints are eliminated.

Transparent Terminology

With management roles having names that clearly represent what they do, another cause of miscommunication is eliminated.

Clear Definition of Responsibilities 

A mutual understanding of who is doing what clarifies relationships and avoids duplication and conflict.

Complete Coverage of Necessary Activities

A carefully designed model ensures that all management responsibilities are accounted for, and nothing “falls through the cracks.”

The Electrical Group always use the same framework for the structure of a standardised model and terminology for project management in data center design/build projects. This model is adapted according to the preferences of the user/customer and the specific requirements of the particular project.

Data Center Project Management Case Studies

The Electrical Group Data Centre Project Management provides our clients with comprehensive technical advice to the highest professional standards, founded on innovation and sustainability.

Below you will find a selection of recent case studies

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